Maternity Nurse & Gentle Newborn Care Specialist

Helping you & your family adapt to life with a newborn

Providing Gentle Newborn Care & Support

I am based in the UK and work in this country and abroad providing in person and on-line specialist support to families and their newborn babies.

Gaye McKeogh

Gentle Newborn Support helping you, your baby and partner

  • Would you like to have more time for yourself? your partner? your other children?
  • Need support to help you settle into your new role with your baby?
  • Would like to have a trusted source of guidance for worries or concerns?
  • Need help to understand normal newborn behaviour?

As a maternity nurse and gentle newborn care specialist I provide hands on care to support parents in their homes with their newborn babies. I also offer online support and consultations. My focus is on providing support from birth to 3 months.

My focus on the early days and weeks is to provide support and evidence based information on feeding, whether that be breast or bottle feeding, swaddling, winding, bathing, sleep and naps, bonding and the use of baby-wearing slings.

Newborn Specialist Care & Support provider

I have worked with families all over the world, supporting parents with single babies, twins and premature babies. Babies with reflux, allergies and respiratory issues, babies with tongue-tie, laryngomalacia and feeding issues.

In addition I have supported mothers who have experienced a traumatic birth, postnatal depression and other illnesses that need additional support. I am passionate about helping new mums and their babies. I love supporting, guiding and empowering families on their journey to parenthood.

Restore Calm

45 minutes online video call. We will discuss your concerns for you and your baby, whether they are a specific problem or a multitude of issues.

One to one support

After 12 years supporting families in their home environment I am now offering online consultations to support families in the UK and internationally.

The Bespoke Package

This is a tailored package to suit your individual needs and circumstances. This package will be a combination of in-home support and/or online sessions, with follow-up support.