Gaye McKeogh

Providing you with gentle newborn support. A wealth of experience with babies and young children. Empowering new parents with evidence based practice.

My name is Gaye McKeogh. I grew up in Ireland in a very nurturing family. My twin sister and I were the eldest of five children.

I have been passionate about caring and supporting others ever since I was a young child, I always loved helping my mother to look after my younger siblings, particularly my youngest sister who was born when I was ten years old.

In my earlier career I worked across the travel and conference sectors, and lived and worked in Japan, Vietnam, India, Switzerland, France and Germany. Every role I’ve had has been focused on helping people and solving problems.
In 2010 I felt a strong call to make a career change and follow my heart to help care for others as I’d loved caring for family and friend’s children throughout this period. I retrained to follow my passion and love of supporting families with newborn babies and I started working as a Maternity Nurse.

This new path led me to meet some extraordinary new mothers, all of whom had different birth experiences and required different levels of postnatal care and support. I learned so much from listening to mothers like you, and doing so led me to embark on a 12 year learning journey to help and support more mothers like you.

Meeting mothers with so many different types of motherhood experiences empowered me to deepen my knowledge and expertise across all aspects of postnatal care. Having a love of learning, I undertook numerous evidenced-based courses on all aspects of postnatal care and infant sleep and I very much feel I have found my true calling in life being able to support new mothers.

I am based in the UK however I work globally, providing hands on newborn specialist support. I also offer online coaching and consultations.

I now consider myself to be in a very privileged position to follow my passion in caring for newborns and their families. My wealth of experience supports families on their journey  to parenthood.

Before I started Maternity Nursing & Postnatal Coaching, I worked in the corporate world, living and working in many parts of the world, including Japan, Vietnam, India, Switzerland, France and Germany.  I also  speak French and German.