Restore Calm Video Call

45 minutes online video call

We will discuss your concerns for you and your baby, whether they are a specific problem or a multitude of issues. I will help with any of the following:

  • Support with Breastfeeding
  • Introducing a bottle to a baby and “pace” feeding
  • Formula feeding
  • Winding a baby – various techniques
  • Reflux and ways to manage the situation
  • Crying and Colic
  • Newborn sleep and what to expect
  • Settling a baby in their cot
  • Traveling with a newbore
  • Long flights & Jetlag
  • Swaddling your baby
  • Transferring a baby from being held to his/her cot
  • Routines
  • All aspects of care for a newborn
  • I will provide a plan and suggestions to empower you

You will receive a recording of our video call to watch back when needed

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